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Facility Information

Youth Center
Hours of Operation:
Mon-Fri 9AM - 6PM
Open Rec
Mon-Thu 3 - 7PM
Friday 3 - 9PM
Saturday 11AM - 5PM

(210) 652-3298

Bldg. 585, Main Circle

School Age Program
Hours of Operation:
Mon-Fri 6:30AM - 5:45PM

(210) 652-3298

Bldg. 584 & 585, Main Circle

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NOTE: Shot records required as part of School Age Registration (New Requirement) Parents print and fill out all forms to expedite registration, incomplete packages won't be accepted. Please bring current LES/Pay statement.

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Child Care Services

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Other Locations
FSH Youth Center
FSH Middle School Teen Center
FSH School Age Program
Lackland Youth Programs

Need for your school aged children 5 years (K) to 12 years old? No need to worry, we have got it covered! Please check out the School Age Summer Program at all JBSA locations for safe and fun summer adventure. Cost varies according to household income. Make sure your child is registered on to request care beginning July 17.

JBSA Randolph Youth Programs

Youth Programs (YP) provides a safe, supervised program based on the interests and needs of our children. Our curriculum focuses on Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s Youth Development Strategy, which states all enrolled children will have a positive experience that contributes to a high self-esteem by assuring the children develop a sense of competence, sense of usefulness, sense of belonging and a sense of influence.

Our activities and programs are designed to improve and maintain the physical and mental well-being of youth up to age 18. The YP facility has a gymnastics room, dance room, preteen/game room and teen room. Also supporting the youth programs are our state-of-the-art playground, four baseball fields, one softball field, a football field, and the use of the base library, swimming pool, tennis courts, bowling center, golf course and fitness center. Youth Programs is proud to be affiliated with Boys & Girls Club and promote the five core areas of character and leadership: education and career; health and life skills; the arts; and sports, fitness, and recreation.


Youth, ages 9-18, are eligible to purchase an annual membership (children ages 6-8 must be accompanied by a parent or sibling over 16 years of age unless they are participating in an organized, supervised activity).

The annual fee is $36 per year per youth and youth will receive a membership card. Children, 5 years of age and younger, are allowed to participate only in those activities organized specifically for their age group. Family members of active duty, retired military, DOD and NAF civilian personnel are allowed to participate in programs and activities. Parents are asked to stay in the facility if their children are 5 and younger.

Parents must complete an AF Form 88, Youth Programs Application, whether their child is participating as a member or non-member.


A wide range of programs is provided based on the recreational interests of the entire JBSA Randolph youth community. Our year-round, comprehensive program includes self-directed activities such as the latest video games, computer educational programs and games, arts and crafts, billiards, foosball, board games, puzzles, basketball and volleyball. Special interest clubs meet throughout the month with age-specific activities on Fridays and Saturday. Special events, field trips and holiday programs are scheduled throughout the year. Preteen and teen hours of operation are Monday-Thursday, 3-7 PM.; Friday, 3-9 PM and Saturday, 11 AM to 5 PM

Ongoing instructional classes include guitar, piano, gymnastics, martial arts, dance and more. Contact the office staff for class specifics.


Youth Support

Youth Sports are open to ages 5-17. Coaches’ meetings take place at the Lackland Youth Center. Sports offered include spring baseball, summer and winter basketball and spring and fall soccer. Dates are tentative and are subject to change. Parents registering for multiple sports will experience time overlaps.Physicals and immunizations are required at the time of registration and must be current for the duration of the activity.

Sports and Fitness

The JBSA Randolph Youth Sports Program provides a highly organized sports environment, ensuring that all youth have the opportunity to grow and develop emotionally and physically through participation in sports. Although we don't de-emphasize winning we feel it is more important to provide Randolph youth with opportunities for participation, fun and enjoyment and for the development of physical, social and moral life skills appropriate for their age. We provide safe playing areas and proper equipment for each sport and ensure the adults involved have a responsibility to create a positive youth sports experience by ensuring a safe, positive and fun environment for the children. We are very selective in the adults we allow to work with the youth as coaches. Coaches are the heart of the programs and their integrity and concern shall determine the success of the program and the benefits the youth derive from the program.

Randolph participates in an interlocking schedule with JBSA Lackland, FSH and off-base organizations and teams and has always maintained excellent community relations in support of the total sports environment.

School Age Program

We are very proud of our Before and After School Age Program which has received accreditation through the Council on Accreditation. Our commitment is to provide your children with a quality program that is also committed to providing each child with a unique growing and learning relationship. We accomplish our goals by offering children opportunities to develop socially, emotionally, educationally/intellectually and physically. Hours of Operation are from 6:30 AM to 5:45 PM daily and an all-day program is also conducted on days when JBSA Randolph schools have holidays which are not legal holidays. Summer and holiday camps are offered through the School Age program for ages 5-12 yrs and the child to staff ratio is 12-to-1. Children ages 5 must be attending Kindergarten or have completed Pre-K before entering the School Age Program. Children arriving for the before-school program will be accompanied to the bus at 7:20 AM. Children attending the after-school program are brought back to the program by bus when school is out. Fees are based on a sliding scale determined by the DOD. It will be necessary for you to provide proof of your family income and they will help determine your category/fees.

Parent Involvement

We encourage parent involvement in the program. There is a Parent Advisory Committee established to strengthen the partnership between home and the program. The Parent Advisory Committee meets the second Wednesday of every month at building 585. There is an open door policy welcoming parents to visit the program at any time throughout the day.

Youth Sponsorship
It's tough to be the new kid in town, new school, new friends, and new neighborhood. Make the transition a new and exciting experience. With Youth Sponsorship, someone in your own age-group can help you become familiar JBSA-Randolph and the surrounding communities. If you have been here a while and want to sponsor someone, contact us and let us know you are interested.
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