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Facility Information

Hours of Operation:
Mon-Fri 5AM - 10PM
Sat-Sun, Holidays 9AM - 5PM

Front Desk
(210) 652-7263

Fitness & Sports Manager
(210) 652-7269

Operation Officer
(210) 652-1569

Sports Program Manager
(210) 652-7272

Fitness Program Manager
(210) 652-7271

Fitness Assessment Cell Lead
(210) 652-7284

1751 1st St. East, Bldg. 999

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Rambler Fitness Center

The Rambler Fitness Center strives to be our customer’s first choice and to exceed customer expectation through quality services, promotes quality equipment for everyday use; sports programs, fitness classes, massage therapist, specialty services and most importantly assist members in maintaining good physical fitness and life style.

The Rambler Fitness Center provides 52 pieces of circuit training equipment (LifeFitness, Strive and Precor) and 55 pieces of Hammer Strength weight equipment. Bring your headphones and request an FM transmitter to listen to 1 of 6 TV's positioned throughout the weight room area. A family exercise room is also available and includes a play area for children up to 9 years old. The family room includes 2 treadmills, an elliptical and a stationary bike for parents.

The Cardio Zone has 119 pieces of cardio equipment, most include Personal TV monitors connected for viewing:
Stationary bikes
Bio-deck (upper body)
Recumbent bikes
Jacobs ladder
Arc Trainers

The Fitness Center also includes:
3 NCAA Regulation Basketball Courts
2 Regulation Racquetball Courts
1/8 mile indoor track
2 Large Exercise Rooms
Personal Trainers
  A Juice Bar
Massage Therapy and Aqua Massage Beds
Women’s and Men's locker rooms
Dry Saunas


Fitness Assessment Cell - PT Testing

Members at a .mil computer inside of JBSA-Randolph please use the following link to register for you test:

Members at a .mil computer outside of JBSA-Randolph (JBSA-Fort Sam Houston and JBSA-Lackland) please use the following link to register for you test:

Fitness Programs

The Rambler Fitness Center offers group exercise classes which include Step, Yoga, Zumba®, Cycling, Kickboxing, Strength Training, Senior Strength, Cardio Fusion and much more. The Exercise rooms are equipped with functional fitness equipment such as; dumbbells, bands, steps/plyometric boxes, jump ropes, kettle bells, punching bag & speed bag, weight bars, slam balls, ballistic ball, bosu balls and much more for your fitness workout and routines.

Fitness on Request
Patrons can take advantage of formatted show time workout videos displayed on a 120" screen with surround sound. This new concept allows a controlled group exercise class with a virtual instructor. Units/Military members may use these show time workouts for P.T. Class formats are: Step, Yoga & Pilates, Kickboxing, and Kinetics.

Sports Complex

Located in front of the fitness center, the Sports Complex includes 1/4 Mile Running Track, Official Flag Football Field, Par Course, Children's Playground, TRX Suspension System, Shade Structure for Cladistics, Yankee Softball Field, Bush Multi-Purpose Field and 2 Tennis courts. Across the street, patrons have access to 4 additional tennis courts and the Rambler Softball Field.

Events and Sports Programs
Special Fitness Events offered include 5K runs, bike rides, biathlons, marathon training runs just to name a few.

Varsity sports programs include Flag Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, Varsity Soccer and Cycling/marathon teams.

Intramural Sports
Flag Football



All patrons will a DOD ID card may use the fitness facility and participate in sporting events. A sponsored guests must reside outside a 50-mile radius of Joint Base San Antonio.

Age Requirements
Ages 16 and over
Unrestricted use of all fitness facilities and equipment. Need not be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Ages 13-15
Use of all cardiovascular, weight equipment and group exercise rooms require interactive supervision from an adult (parent, legal guardian, qualified fitness or youth program staff member, or coach) at all times. Other activity areas (basketball court, racquetball courts, running track) require a parent or legal guardian to be in the facility.

Ages 6-12
All cardiovascular, weight equipment and group exercise rooms are prohibited. Other activity areas (basketball court, racquetball courts, running track) require interactive supervision from an adult at all times.

Ages 6 and under
Not allowed in facility with the exception of those facilities providing a parent/child area (PCA) for supervised play and/or those children who are supervised spectators in a sports or special event.